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MAY 2012


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From Pastor Jon


Among the many adventures of my 62 years, perhaps none was more challenging - and rewarding! - than the years I was a single parent raising three young daughters. As Mother’s Day rolls around each year, I am reminded of those special times, as my heart’s memory recalls my little darlings (each one a “Daddy‘s girl“ and, amazingly, each one “Daddy’s favorite!”) waking me up and presenting me hand-made Mother’s Day cards before we were off to church, recognizing, even at their tender ages, the dual roles all single parents play. I know, too, that the close bonds that mark our life as dad and daughters today were forged in the crucible of those early years when, by trial and error, we worked and stumbled, laughed and cried, argued and hugged, and together built a family out of the ashes of divorce.

Not that it was easy! Once I came across these lines - they‘re called "Saturday with a Teenage Daughter" - which bring to mind some of the more taxing moments of those years. Every mom can relate to these, just as I do (well, except the makeup part!):

"Are you going to sleep all day?
Who said you could use my makeup?
Clean the dishes off the table.
Turn down that stereo.
Have you made your bed?

That skirt is too short.
You're not going to wear that!
Your closet is a mess.
Stand up straight.
Do you have to chew that gum?
Can't you be still?

I don't care if everyone else does have one!

Didn't I tell you to turn that stereo down?

Have you done your homework?
Don't slouch!
You didn't make your bed.
Can't you do anything to help?
Iron it yourself - do you think you are the only one who lives here?

Sit up straight.
Get off the phone!
Why did you buy that record? That's awful...

You've been in the bathroom long enough.
Turn off that music and go to sleep.
Are you trying to drive me crazy?

And then this realization from the author:

Another day is gone, and not one time did I say to my daughter, "I love you."

Followed by, "Dear God, forgive me.... and I'll ask my daughter to do the same."


There’s the secret... knowing when, and where, and WHO to turn to when it all gets to be too much and you’re overwhelmed by life. For families ultimately need love and forgiveness, two wonderful gifts of God, if they are to survive in a difficult world.


So to my girls, who endured, even applauded, and survived my mom efforts, and who all are wonderful mothers themselves (thanks for the grandkids!) - I love you!


And to my mom Dorothy, now 93, and my wife Trish (ageless!), two great moms and women who I’m lucky to have touch my life in amazing ways each day - thanks!


And to all those out there plugging along daily at the Mom thing...

may God always be close by you, and bless you on your special day!


- Pastor Jon



Praises & Prayer Concerns


Speedy recovery from surgery for Darlene Dobbins


Nina & Bob Conaway in TX as Bob builds up strength in rehab


Charlie McCrillis to have better breathing capacity


Bob Ehlers has pet scan on May 7 (Dr on 11th) to determine if he needs further treatment


Mayor Tony King having surgery to remove tumor from his inner ear


Peace and sympathy for the Halberg family in the death of Dale’s brother


Ruby Riddle in the death of her nephew, Floyd Gaban


Bettsi Outland hoping for good MRI results on her knee


Bob Ehlers 96 year old mom being treated for congestive heart failure


Continued prayers for Tom Elliott’s 19 year old nephew, Dustin who is in the burn center after surviving a truck fire in Marana


Safety for Guzick’s grandson, Alex who just received his driver’s license


Healthy recovery for Pastor Jon’s Pop Slim, who fell and

broke a hip at home in southern California.


Sympathy for family of Ken McFarlen, a former member who died this week

in Pismo Beach, California


Easy transition for Sue Adams friends as they cope with forced retirement


Polly Davenport’s friends, Elizabeth & Jim Brown who are very ill


Peace for J W Hill as he struggles with lung cancer


All of our military out of harm’s way


Cindy Millinor’s Aunt Liz, fell and broke bones in foot


Jim Tokarsyck hoping throat surgery will enable him to eat again


Safe travels for the Binders son, Jason on his trip here


All of our CPC friends traveling to their summer homes





Congratulations to Ian & Mokihanna Ante on their marriage

officiated by Pastor Jon on Sunday, April 29th


Bob Ehlers has finished cancer treatments


Thanks to all the kids for their great performance on Palm Sunday


Praise the Lord for He is Awesome!!




Cinco de Mayo potluck after church on May 6th


Our Easter pot luck was attended by 89 members and friends. A very good turn out as many of our winter members are leaving to return to their summer homes.


Our May 6th Pot Luck theme is CINCO de MAYO and as you all know, being from North Carolina, I haven’t tasted a lot of Southwest and Mexican foods (just Southern) so it will be a treat for me to sample a few. I am looking forward to seeing all of you and trying out the different foods.

Cindy Millinor

Note: Jill Vieu, who edits our church website and Facebook page, has put some great recipes for this occasion on the BensonCPC Facebook page. Check it out!




Our CPC youth, kids who have grown up as a part of our church Sunday School and youth group (some now live elsewhere but stay in touch!), are a talented bunch of young people, with graduations and awards this year:


Caty Jensen graduates from the University of Arizona


Marjorie Estavillo graduates from Willcox HIgh School


Joshua Brents graduates from Southgate Academy


Kyle McMinimy graduates from Sabino High School


Zeke O’Callaghan graduates from Camp Verde High School


Zack Brents and Victoria Wilharm graduate from Benson Middle School


Cade Paumen won his age group competition in archery

at the Pima County Fair


Marley Rose Nixon was one of 10 students of all ages in Cochise County honored for their “Law Day” projects

with a ceremony at the county courthouse in Bisbee. Her poster of Lady Justice won an art award.


Congratulations one and all … we are very proud of you!



Sunday School Year Ends

Special Swim Party Planned


Our Children’s Sunday School year will end on Sunday, May 20, and teachers Trish Hermes and Lynn Hestand have a special event planned for all those youngsters who have participated in the Sunday School, Christmas Pageant, and Palm Sunday plays throughout the year. That afternoon, they will be taking the kids for a year end swim party at The Cove, the indoor pool and water slide complex in Sierra Vista. Watch the Sunday bulletin for more details, or contact Trish or Lynn.



July 9-13


As the school year comes to a close, our Christian Education committee is busy planning for another week of Vacation Bible School. It will be held Monday-Friday, July 9-13, and the theme will be “SonRise National Park” where kids are invited to come to a land of invigorating power where there is nothing between you and God’s big sky. Our VBS campers will enjoy the thrills of daily treks where they can face extreme challenges and learn to depend on the promises of Jesus. They will discover the true treasure described in Philippians4:19 “My God will meet all you needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.”


The five days of VBS will feature these themes: True Peace, True Riches, True Power, True Love, and True Hope, with Bible stories, Bible games, crafts, snacks, and music that all emphasize the theme of the day.


As always, adult helpers are needed to make our week of Vacation Bible School a success. If you can lend a hand in teaching, leading games, helping with snacks, etc., please speak to Trish Hermes and Lynn Hestand to volunteer. And everyone can pray for a successful and inspirational week to touch the lives of the young people in our parish and wider Benson community! Thanks!






Charlie & Kathy Patton were guests at the Desert Sages in April and brought lots of entertainment! Music included western and hymns, some were solos by Charlie and others were a group sing-a-long of all 20 people that were gathered . Bonnie & Gene Beyer, the Desert Sages host & hostess for April said that Charlie sold several CDs to the group and his custom is to give half of his proceeds to a charity, so he sent half to the Children’s Ranch through Gene. Charlie & Kathy are on their way to TN where he will be performing on stage there. It was a wonderful way for the last evening of the Sages to end. We’ll see you all in the fall! Have a wonderful summer!




We had a great turnout for our Spring Luncheon. Two from Tucson and seven from Bisbee, plus all of our group enjoyed good food and great fellowship. The PW ladies from Bisbee gave us one of their cook books as a hostess gift. I have been looking at it and they did a good job, even had some ads from the first cookbook! I received a thank you e-mail from them thanking us for including them. A good time was had by all!


Our next meeting will be May 14th at 1:30 in the Fellowship Hall. We will study lessons eight and nine. Hope to see everyone there as this will be our last get together before breaking for the summer.


Your Moderator Cindy Millinor





Our CPC Men’s Breakfast Group will continue to meet through Tuesday, May 15th in fellowship hall for discussions on many of the world’s questions while enjoying good food and friendship with other men of our community .


Please note: to give the regular cooks some rest, starting May 22nd, the group will meet for breakfast during the summer at Palatiano’s Restaurant on 4th and Ocotillo at 8 a.m.







Ann Hurmence

2308 74th Ct., Elmwood Park, IL 60707



Kenny McMinimy

P O Box 688



John Burton

Rt 75, Box 28,. Merriman NE 69218



Westin Wilharm

864 W Coffee Dr



Harold Boaz

PO Box 99, AuTrain, MI 49806


Faye Bragg

600 E Saguaro, #86



Tom Firlott

600 Saguaro, #232



Ida Beckel

510 B N Miller Lane, St. David 85630


Bryce Taylor

795 W. Stardust Trail, St. David 85630



Janet Ehlers

209 N. Warren Rd.


Tom Elliott

3060 Williams Rd.



Frank Taticek

605 Catarina Place



Kailee Hestand

1271 N Rainbow Pl


Leon Davenport

5505 Shafta Ave, Corvallis OR 97330



Arlene Slaughter

815 Wayne Ave., Crawfordsville, IN 47933


Bill Martin

1030 Barrel Cactus, #131



Marley Rose Nixon

25001 East Old Dusty Trail






Dale & Shirley Halberg

19240 Freeport Ct., Elk River, MN 55330



Tula & Ernie Hendrix

800 W 4th St., #35



Tom & Bettsi Outland

600 E Saguaro, #22



Jerry & Judy Lee

803 Hermosa Dr.



Larry & Carol Dempster

P. O. Box 11



"A Mother's Reward"

"I do not ask that you repay the hours of toil and pain.
The sacrifice of youth and strength
Shall not have been in vain.

I do not ask for gratitude
But only this, my child,
That you shall live your life so well
That my gifts be not defiled.

The nights I watched beside your crib,
The years of love and care
Will amply be repaid if once
I see you standing there --
An upright and an honest soul
On whom success has smiled,
That I may say with humble pride --
'That is my child!’