Church Key Policy


The Session has approved a new key policy which will become effective in May 2017.  Please review the policy carefully as there are changes which may affect you or your group getting access to new keys.  There will be dates posted as to when you would be able to sign for a key or pay a deposit (if required). Below is this new policy.  Individual copies can be printed by request.



Community Presbyterian Church of Benson, Arizona

590 South Huachuca

Benson, Arizona 85602

(520) 586-2771


1.      Purpose:


As faithful stewards of God’s resources, we affirm that properly securing the building at the Community Presbyterian Church is a shared obligation of the staff, ministry leaders/teams and any groups/organizations who use the facility on a regular or temporary basis. It is for this purpose that a policy to manage the distribution and return of keys to the facility has been developed.


In order to ensure the safety of people using the buildings of Community Presbyterian Church and to protect the resources God has provided, the issuance of keys shall be strictly controlled and accounted for.


This policy consists of four sections.

Section I lists the names of those authorized to issue or loan keys as well as to whom keys may be issued or loaned.

Section II governs the use of keys by members of the CPC body.

Section III consists of the procedure by which members may obtain keys.

Section IV outlines the procedure for issuing keys to external parties that are not members.

It is important that the provisions of this policy be observed as specified. The policy is subject to periodic review and update as required to ensure that the building is adequately secured without placing undue burden on user access.


Section I: Key Use Authorization / Persons Eligible to Receive Keys


The following individuals are authorized to approve the distribution of keys on either a permanent or temporary basis.

• Session


The church secretary will record the distribution of keys. The church secretary will hand out the keys to the individual as authorized by the Session.


Permanent keys may be issued only to the following individuals:

·         Teaching Elders

·         Church Secretary

·         Elders

·         Deacons

·         Treasurer

·         Assistant Treasurer

·         Custodian

·         CPC Preschool personnel

·         Others as authorized by the Session


In all cases, keys issued on a permanent basis must be returned to the church office upon termination of employment or expiration of term of service. Individuals, who do not return their key(s) will be have to pay for replacing the key and re-keying.


Temporary keys may be issued to the following individuals:

·         CPC members at least 18 years of age

·         External groups

·         Contractors and other service providers



Section II: Policies Governing Keys Issued to CPC Members


Policies governing the use of keys by CPC members are intended to balance ease of building access with adequate security considerations. Borrowing of keys is a privilege available to all members 18 years of age or older and brings with it great responsibility. Failure to adhere to this policy or to exercise appropriate precautionary measures relative to care of the facility when in private use may lead to revocation of this privilege at the discretion of the Session. Loss of keys loaned to CPC members exposes the church to considerable financial and security risk.  Borrowers of keys must exercise great care to ensure that keys issued to them are in their control at all times.


The policy for use of keys by CPC members is as follows:

A. Keys may be requested from any authorized individual as identified in Section I.

B. Keys will only be loaned to members when the proposed use of the facility is consistent with the church’s Building Use Policy.

C. The requestor or spouse must obtain the keys in person at the church office. Children will not be permitted to accept keys for their parents.

D. All keys shall be individually etched with an identifying mark or number. DO NOT DUPLICATE will be on the key(s).

E. The member to whom the key is issued must verify his or her address and phone number prior to obtaining the key. The Church Secretary (or alternate) shall note the member’s name, address, phone number, key identification number, date of issue and return due date on the Key Control Log.

F. All members to whom a key is loaned will be given a copy of this policy and will be required to initial the Key Control Log before receiving the key.

G. It is understood that loaned keys MUST be returned to the church office by the specified date and in person. Keys must not be mailed or left in the church office. The Church Secretary or other authorized individual will acknowledge the key’s return and note such in the appropriate column on the Key Control Log.

H. It is understood that keys will not be duplicated, loaned or made available to others. Each key will be numbered and stamped with “DO NOT DUPLICATE”.

I. Report lost or stolen keys immediately to the church office at 520-586-2771.

J. The holder of a key to any portion of the facility assumes responsibility for the safekeeping of the key and its use. When leaving the building, all doors and windows must be secured as they were upon arrival.

K. Persons to whom keys are issued are responsible for replacing lost or broken keys and for rekeying.

L. Session reserves the right to request the return of any loaned key at any time.


Section III: Procedure for CPC Members to Obtain Keys


Members desiring to borrow keys must utilize the following procedure:

1. Call or stop by the church office during regular business hours. It may be advisable to call ahead to verify that the keys desired are available for pick-up.

2. Read the policy governing issuing of keys to CPC Members (Section II).

3. Receive the key(s) from any authorized person (Section I).

4. Sign for the key(s) on the Member Key Use Agreement.

5. Return the key(s) by the required date.

Keys will only be available for pick-up during regular business hours


Section IV: Keys Issued to Contractors and Other External Parties


Before keys may be issued to a contractor or other external party, a representative of the company will be required to sign a document stating that he is authorized to receive keys on behalf of that company and that the company or party is assuming complete financial responsibility for all re-keying required to restore security due to keys lost or not returned. This document must be signed by an appropriate officer of the company or by the external party. Loss of keys may require re-keying at the church’s discretion and cost hundreds of dollars.


The policy for use of keys by contractors and other external parties is as follows:

A. The authorized representative to whom the keys are given must personally sign for all keys. Each person who receives a key will pay a $50 deposit which will be refunded when the key is returned.

B. All keys issued to contractors shall first be etched with an identifying mark or number.

C. It is understood that keys will not be duplicated, loaned or made available to others.

D. Report lost or stolen keys to the church office immediately at 520-586-2771. The person signing for the keys will be responsible for paying for the replacement of the key(s) and rekeying.

E. The holder of a key to any portion of the facility assumes responsibility for the safekeeping of the key and its use. When leaving the building, ensure that all doors are secured as they were upon arrival.