Community Presbyterian Preschool Staff
Preschool Phone - (520) 586-4634
Director - Kathy Webb
Aide - Andrea Yockey

November is a favorite time of year. We take time to be thankful for our wonderful family and friends that make our hearts happy. We had our annual Thanksgiving feast with our friends at school. We learned how to classify the foods we eat, painted with spices, and set the table and washed dishes. Math included tasting apples and graphing our favorite type. The letters that we learned are Bb, Gg, li, Ff, and Hh. We also learned our numbers 7-10 in English and in Germ an.

We ended our month with the Creatrilogy series by Peter H. Reynolds. His books are empowering for everyone by teaching us that we can create artistic masterpieces that are magnificent, even if they are not 'perfect.'

We are working on our Christmas program which will be on Thursday, December 14t at 6pm in the Church Sanctuary. The Preschool Class will be performing 'The Christmas Story', and the Pre-K Class will be performing 'The Littlest Tree' performance. The church members are invited to watch our program.